Rob – Managing Director, responsible to making sure projects happen. Experienced in film, music productions, business affairs, contract negotiation, intellectual property specialising in the music business.

Joanna Crow- Experienced in Film, First Assistant Director, Galavant (Tv Series 2015) – Pilot . Frankie (Tv Series 2013) Episode 1.1, 1.2. Mrs Biggs (Tv Series 2012). DCI Banks (Tv Series 2011) Playing with fire Part 1 & 2. Cold is the grave Part 1 & 2. Directed and Produced the following films for Bozas international, Your Century, Biophilla Ball, This is Now.

Kirstie – design/artwork, press & PR, office support and business compliance procedures.

Matt Housley – Experienced in web design, youtube optimisation/monetisation, social media optimisation.


Kaz Lammie – (Owner of Kaz Lammie Creative) creates artwork for CD covers, posters and marketing materials.

Stuart Bruce – Composer, record producer, Audio engineer, Mastering engineer, film mixing and foley.

Neville Farmer – Writer in resident (screen plays, script development, reviews), record producer, voice over artist and film producer.

John Marley – Film editor, photographer, cameraman, designer and web designer.

Ben Please – cameraman, film editing and post production.

Marco Migilari – audio production, audio mastering and anything to do with sound

John Crosby – PR, for Longtale Recordings


English & Co (company) – headed by Graham English, absolute visionary, for anything that requires technology visuals and a wow effect.

Felt Music (company) – music library partners.

Sony/ATV (Company) – music publishing international party, proper music distribution, Long Tale Recordings physical distributors in the UK.