On 20th April 2015 Long Tale Recordings released: Kodhi: Trevor Warren’s Adventures with Ayub Ogada.

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Kodhi: Trevor Warren's Adventures with Ayub Ogada

Ayub Ogada is regarded as one of the greatest Kenyan artists of all time. He was born in 1956 in Mombassa as Job Seda, a descendant of the proud Luo people of western Kenya. At six, his parents took him to Chicago, where his father studied medicine. Ayub recalls meeting Muhammad Ali (then Cascius Clay), and experiencing the aftermath of American segregation, even as his parents toured college campuses performing Luo music at a time when the term “world music” was unkown in commercial circles.

Ayub Niyatiti Garissa Concert - 14th April 2015

Ayub Ogada lives in Kenya and has been playing at festivals and concerts this year. He was one of the many leading Kenyan artists who played at the Garissa Memorial Concert at Uhuru park in Nairobi, in memory of the students who lost their lives following a terrorist attack by the Al Shabaab militants in Garissa.YouTube-logo-full_color



Kodhi: Trevor Warren’s Adventures with Ayub Ogada

Released 20th April 2015.