Schtumm Friday 29th January 2016

Schtumm are proud to present two very local bands to look forward to. These up and coming musicians will melt the frost and warm your hearts..

Amie K

amie K photo_nAmie is Wiltshire singer-songwriter who has described her sound as ‘that acoustic song on a pop punk record’. Featuring in no less than 5 songs at this year’s Schtumm Jamboree, Amie’s silky smooth vocals reveal engaging depths and surprises.



Sober Son

Schtumm January strap sober song & amie fb

So local that drummer Nat White’s family could probably hear him in their front room! This Indie/Reggae three piece is rich and upbeat, this will appeal to your ska-tapping feet.

Sonny Siminski- Guitar/vox    Jan- bass     Nat White- drums.


Schtumm Jan 29th 2016 Poster 2